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The blaqpearl foundation is About: 

  • Implementing programmes that provide effective support, learning spaces, edutainment and opportunities for young people in particular.
  • Growth and development. Important for sustainable and healthy living.
  • Utilising the Arts, life skills, literature and Sport as tools to encourage youth to break away from and cope with the harsh realities and social ills like gangsterism, substance abuse, teenage pregnancy/parenting, amongst others that’s rife in the communities on the Cape Flats in Cape Town South Africa.
  • Assisting young people to develop themselves and create tangible products that can help them sustain themselves
  • Through our programmes they learn a sense of identity, culture, self awareness and self love.
  • Acknowledging, inspiring and striving to uplift and restore hope within young people.
  • Being capacitated to assist the youth in finding and living to their true, full potential, in order to become self sustainable, proud and responsible citizens in society.


  • To empower youth with Life skills, using Arts & Sports as the methodology.
  • To assist youth in finding and expressing themselves in a healthy and positive way, by equipping them with the appropriate tools.
  • To create the space for youth to live to their true, full potential in order to become self sustainable, proud and responsible citizens in society.
  • To provide opportunities for youth to create and become products of South Africa that can help grow the economy and become ambassadors of our country.


  • To design and implement good practice and a development programme model that offers youth at risk the opportunity to create, express and grow within themselves and their own goals in life towards a sustainable, productive living for themselves and their families.

Values and Approach:

  • BPF uses Sports and Arts as learning tools
  • BPF recognises the value of sports, the arts and creativity as core to learning, healing and transformation.
  • BPF develops and implement programmes that requires youth to be involved in order to become empowered and equipped for their own lives and future.  
  • BPF recognizes the importance of networking and partnerships to assist with opportunities afforded to the youth.

The Blaqpearl Foundation (BPF) is a registered organization (2016 / 405426 / 08 NPC) co-founded by: Janine & Shane Overmeyer

© 2016 Blaqpearl Foundation.


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