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Krotoa Van Vandag

Krotoa van Vandag is a multi discipline arts theatre production. Written & created by Janine Van Rooy-Overmeyer. It’s about the journey of a girl from Cape Town on the Cape Flats growing up in search of identity. The production depicts her various experiences, encounters & struggles, through music, poetry, storytelling, dance & dialogue, unto the point where she reaches the age of twenty five and embarks on a mission to research her roots and ancestry. Amongst this she finds herself in a peculiar on going conversation with her grand mother who tells her about Krotoa regarded as the Khoe Princess & Mother of Africa, her life and experiences. She tells her that her roots come from this woman Krotoa and guides her to places in Cape Town where she can learn even more about her story and culture. The girl, at first confused becomes very fascinated and starts reflecting towards the transition for her into claiming her identity, in todays’ time. Realising that so much of Krotoa’s experiences still resonates in the lives of women today.


It’s fresh, hip and creative. It aims to challenge its audience with questioning their role in society, ito identity and culture. It engages the audience and hopes to inspire them to have dialogue in bridging the gap between generations and extensively learning about our history. The importance and relevance of this production is to inform, educate alternatively and reflect. Using various art forms & theatre to express and showcase the connection of ancestry to the lives of the youth of today.  It is performed mainly in Afrikaaps (Afrikaans). Contributing to decolonising our stories, our attitude and actions.



Sisters With Attitude

A series of workshop sessions (Life skills with Arts) per group of fifteen to twenty female youth. The target group is ages 13-19. Inside & Out of school females.

The project is a platform for young women to:

  • Increase self-awareness and self-knowledge
  • Increase self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Develop and stimulate their creativity and use of artistic expression to find their voices and express themselves
  • Giving them hope and tools towards sustaining themselves and their families
  • Learn life skills, stress release and energizing techniques
  • Dialogue on relevant issues affecting young women.



  • This project focus on training and equipping young people with effective Table Tennis skills and support.
  • This is a process consisting of 4 phases
  • Three certification awards that each child has to complete in a space of two years.
  • A selected number of participants will continue for a high performance programme
  •  It offers after school table tennis coaching ie. 14h30 – 16h30
  • Top WPTT and SA table tennis participants to train daily at the SOTT  16h30 – 18h30.


  • This project focus on the talents of young people (males & females).
  • Talents: Music, Poetry, storytelling, writing, dancing, theatre
  • They will get trained professional skills in these arts catagories
  • Will be given the opportunity to learn and meet professionalart practitioners.
  • They will also be supported to experience these art categories in professional performances spaces.
  • They will be given the opportunity to showcase and perform their works that they will be creating through our programmes.
  • They will be given the opportunity to collaborate with professional artists and
  • To experience in order to build their own artists profiles within the Arts industry.

The Blaqpearl Foundation (BPF) is a registered organization (2016 / 405426 / 08 NPC) co-founded by: Janine & Shane Overmeyer

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